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35 Survival Skills You Must Know Before SHFT

Are you prepared for the unexpected? In a disaster, everything you own can be wiped out in a matter of moments, but there’s one thing that can’t be taken away. Your knowledge and the skills you’ve already developed are always with you. Here are 35 survival skills you must know … Read more

gray man survival skills

Being the Gray Man – Skills for Urban Survival

In a survival situation, going unnoticed can go a long way towards keeping you safe. Gray Man skills not only protect you in crowds, but when practiced strategically, help to keep yourself, your family, and your supplies, off the radar and overlooked by those who may be looking for an … Read more

how to grow blueberries

How To Grow Blueberries In Your Backyard Or Home Garden

Imagine stepping out your door and picking a handful of fresh, juicy blueberries. It’s easier than you might think. Here are some tips on how to grow blueberries in your backyard or home garden to ensure a steady, delicious crop for both this summer and many summers to come. How … Read more

how to grow tomatoes

How to Grow Tomatoes – The Back to the Basics Guide

Would you like to grow great tomatoes at home? It’s easier than you might think, even if you’ve tried before and it didn’t quite work out. Check out this back to the basics guide for how to grow tomatoes at home and start growing great tomatoes today. Growing Tomatoes: What … Read more

urban survival garden

How to Create Your Own Secret Survival Garden

Survival gardening is an important and necessary skill for the modern prepper. Having your own food supply close at hand is not only convenient but also provides food security. It’s a valuable addition to your survival food plan. Here are a few tips on how to create your own secret … Read more

10 essentials survival plan

10 Essentials for a Successful Survival Plan

Having a survival plan is about taking care of yourself, your family and the people (and pets) that rely on you. It’s about being independent and self-reliant. It’s also about planning ahead so that you can calmly and effectively deal with any emergency. Preparation is more than just stockpiling food … Read more

urban survival water

Urban Survival Tips – Finding Water in an Urban Environment

While finding water in the wilderness has its difficulties, obtaining drinkable water in an urban area offers its own challenges. We have come to rely on fresh, clean drinking water being available with a simple turn of the tap. In a crisis, this may no longer be available. How do … Read more

how to make pancakes

How to Make Pancakes Step By Step

It’s easy to make your own delicious pancake breakfast at home. And you don’t need a fancy mix or box of frozen pre-made pancakes to do it. Here’s how to make pancakes step by step quickly and easily. How to Make Pancakes The biggest questions with pancakes are how to … Read more

choosing a survival knife

What You Must Know Before Buying a Survival Knife

Looking for a survival knife but not sure what to look for? Here’s a quick and easy guide to what you need to know when choosing a survival knife. A good quality survival knife is your primary survival tool. It should be versatile enough to use for multiple purposes. Different … Read more