survival water purification

Top 5 Survival Water Purification Techniques

In any wilderness situation, water purification is a top priority. Even though the water may look and smell all right, it can carry microscopic threats that cause severe illness, such as protozoan, bacteria, and viruses. By following a few simple water purification techniques, you can purify your water even without … Read more

survival water

How To Find Water In The Wilderness

In a survival situation, one of your top priorities is determining how to find water in the wilderness. A key to your survival, water can mean the difference between life and death. However, finding or collecting it is just the beginning. You must also determine if it is safe to … Read more

types of campfires

How to Start a Fire for Camping: Six Survival Fire Lays

Planning your next camping trip? Here’s how to start a fire for camping. With these six survival fire lays, you’ll be able to create the best fire for whatever situation you may face. Whether you’re looking for a quick easy cooking fire, a fire that will burn all night or … Read more

waterproof matches homemade fire starter

Quick and Easy DIY Homemade Fire Starters

Making a fire is a lot easier when you use a homemade fire starter. Here are several ways to make a spark and keep it burning. From using the sun and electricity to make a fire to quick lighting tinder and long burning fire extenders, we’ve got you covered. With a … Read more

tinder and kindling (2)

How to Start a Fire in the Wild: DIY Tinder and Kindling

The secret to starting a fire quickly and easily is using a quick lighting and steady burning starter fuel. Here’s how to start a fire in the wild by creating your own tinder and kindling. If you want to start a campfire quickly and easily, use tinder and kindling as … Read more