How to Make a Quick and Easy DIY Toilet for Camping

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DIY Toilet for camping

Are you looking for a quick and easy DIY toilet for camping? Instead of roughing it in the wild, try this comfortable alternative. In just a few simple steps, we’ll show you how to make a portable toilet out of a bucket. It’s cheap, portable and easy to use, plus it’s sanitary, too.

Items Needed to Make a DIY Toilet for Camping

how to make a portable toilet out of a bucket

To make this DIY outdoor toilet, you’ll need a five-gallon bucket, pool noodle, plastic bag and roll of toilet paper. You’ll also need a utility knife or other type of cutting blade to cut the pool noodle

How to Make a Portable Toilet Out of a Bucket

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Start with a sturdy, five-gallon bucket with a tight-fitting lid. These are available at most hardware, lumber or home stores. Look for the sturdiest that you can find. It needs to be able to easily support your weight.

DIY Toilet Paper Holder

To hang the toilet paper on the handle, remove one end of the handle from the bucket. The bucket handle wire has a bent end that fits through a small hole on the plastic edge of the bucket. With a little bit of effort, the wire will pull out. Try not to straighten the end of the wire because the bend allows it to hold the weight of the bucket and swing from side to side.

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Slide the roll of toilet paper through the wire and over the plastic handle. Then, put the end of the wire back into place.

Making the Pool Noodle Seat

camping toilet ideas

Next, you’ll need a regular pool noodle. It can be any color you want. This will become the padded seat. Decide what you want the seat to look like. Do you want it to cover the entire rim or leave a small opening in the front to make it easier to wipe? Once you’ve decided, take the pool noodle and line it up around the top of the rim. Mark where you want to cut it.

camping toilet bucket cutting pool noodle

Remove it from the bucket rim and cut the end of the noodle off.

camping toilet bucket

To make the pool noodle fit securely on the bucket rim, you’ll cut a slit half-way through the noodle for the entire length of the noodle. The center of the noodle is hollow, so just cut down to the center.

camping toilet bucket

Place the pool noodle over the edge of the rim. You may need to press it down a bit to make sure it’s seated properly. You don’t want it moving around during use. It should fit snugly and securely.

DIY Camping Toilet – Keeping It Sanitary

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The plastic bag can be placed under or over the pool noodle seat. If you’re placing it over the pool noodle seat, a drawstring bag will help to hold it into place. Simply place the bag down into the bucket.

DIY toilet for camping

Pull the top edge up and over the pool noodle seat. Tighten the drawstring to hold it securely in place. If you plan on composting or burying your waste, look into biodegradable and compostable waste bags and toilet paper.

Preventing Odors in Your Camping Bucket Toilet

You can use this camping toilet bucket with portable toilet chemicals or gels to solidify waste and prevent odors. Or just simply toss a handful of kitty litter or other organic materials in after use.

To cover the bucket toilet between uses, you can close the top of the bag or place the lid on top of the seat as a quick cover. Another alternative is to cover it with another bag. If you’re moving it from place to place, you can close the bag and either tie it with a twisty, piece of string or simple knot. Then remove the pool noodle seat, place it in the bucket and seal with the bucket lid.

Now that you know how to make a portable toilet out of a bucket, you’ll be prepared for any adventure or emergency. It’s a quick and easy DIY toilet for camping, travel or wherever else the road may take you.

diy camping toilet

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