Everyday Carry Essentials for Beginner Preppers

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You never know where you will be when a crisis may happen. Having a good set of everyday carry gear can provide you the tools you need to handle whatever life throws at you.

What is Everyday Carry?

Everyday carry (EDC) are the items that you carry on your person on a daily basis. These are the items that you tend to use often and keep close for convenience and usefulness. Everyday carry items can be in your pocket or purse, hanging from your neck, belt or belt loop or carried in a backpack or bag.

Generally, EDC is separate from your bug out bag, get home bag or vehicle bag because it’s light enough and easy enough to carry with you at all times.

Advantages of Everyday Carry

There are some advantages to everyday carry gear. They’re lightweight – items that you don’t mind carrying on a daily basis. EDC are items you use often and having them with you saves time and the effort of having to go and look for them.

They’re convenient, items that you need when you find yourself away from home or your car or civilization. Think of a Band-Aid on a hiking trip. It’s nice to have one tucked away in your wallet in case you need it.

Besides being small and simple to carry, everyday carry is easier to hide. There are many situations where carrying a bug out bag just doesn’t make sense, but no one is going to notice or question you for something they can’t see that’s tucked in your purse or pocket.

What Should be in Your Everyday Carry?

It depends on where you go and what you do. You can have more than one. You already have certain items that you carry every day in your pockets or purse. Common everyday carry items are a wallet, cell phone, watch and keys. These are the things you need going to and from work or out and about in your free time.

You may also have a separate set of EDC that you carry with you for different activities, such as hiking, travel or other things.

Everyday carry for preppers are items you need to handle not only day to day issues but also be prepared and equipped to handle emergency situations.

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What You Need To Know Before You Assemble Your Prepper Everyday Carry

When prepping, it’s always easiest to prepare for the most likely threats in your general area. Once prepared for these, you’ll also be ready to improvise for the unexpected.

For everyday carry, look at your daily routines. Do you live in the city or a rural area? Do you have a long commute? What kind of terrain would you need to cross, an urban jungle, forest, mountainous area, desert or the wilds of suburbia?

If you were stranded on foot, would you be able to get home safely with the items you have on your person right now?

The supplies you need in you EDC are the ones that will help you the most and weigh you down the least.

Know the Laws of Your Locale

When it comes to personal protection and everyday carry, always know your local laws, as well as the laws and regulations of any places you may enter or need to enter.

Many workplaces have strict rules against any type of weapon, including sharp-edged blades. Crossing state or jurisdictional lines can make a legal weapon suddenly become a serious, illegal problem.

Keep informed on the often changing laws of your locale before you carry any type of knives or personal protection devices.

Also, don’t carry anything that you don’t know how to use. Practice with it first. Get familiar with your gear and comfortable using it. It’s a lot easier to learn a new skill in the comfort of your own home.

Prepper Everyday Carry

Prepper everyday carry varies from person to person, but some of the main essentials are light, fire, a cutting tool, water, cordage, shelter, and personal protection.

Here’s a list of some essential items for a prepper EDC. Adjust it to fit your own personal requirements. There’s no sense in carrying items you don’t need or won’t use. They’re just taking up space where you could have something more important.

If you’re like me and like to collect cool survival gear, put the extras with your prepping supplies. Everyday carry needs to be lightweight, easy to carry and practical. It also helps if it’s easy to keep hidden (in your pocket or purse) and doesn’t look like prepping gear. 

RFID Blocking Wallet

Keep your vital information safe with an RFID blocking wallet. Without it, criminals can electronically scan your wallet and steal your debit, credit card, and driver’s license info.

Cell Phone and Solar Charger

A cell phone is pretty much in everyone’s EDC already. Download survival info and a local map on your phone. That way, even if you can’t get a signal, you still have useful resources with you.

With a solar charger, you’ll be able to keep your phone charged even if you’re away from a power source.


A flashlight is always good to have on hand. From power outages to quick repair jobs, it helps to have some extra light on the subject.

Fire Starter

In a crisis, the ability to make a fire can mean the difference between life or death. With a fire starter, you can build fires for light, heat, and cooking.


A fixed blade survival knife is a useful tool for bushcraft, but for a more covert EDC, a folding survival knife is easier to conceal. However, before carrying any knife or weapon, make sure you know your local laws.


A multitool knife packs a lot of usefulness into a small package. From a cutting edge to a variety of tools, this tool may get more of a workout than anything else in your EDC.


You never know when you’ll need a rope or a string. With a paracord bracelet, you have both. If the bracelet doesn’t fit with your regular work attire, it can always be worn on an ankle or carried in a pocket.

Mylar Blanket

A simple mylar blanket can be used for a blanket, rain poncho, emergency shelter, arm sling, water collector or ground cover. It’s an essential multi-purpose piece of survival gear.

Tactical Pen and Paper

The Strikepen Black™ from Apesurvival is a tactical pen that not only doubles as a self-defense weapon and window breaker, it also has a built-in light and multitool.

Paper can be used for writing notes, leaving a trail and as tinder.

Water Purification

Water purification tablets or a water filtration system is good to have on hand, especially in rural areas.


Creating your personal everyday carry ensures you are prepared to handle whatever comes your way. Sometimes, having the right tools on hand is all you really need.

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