How to Use A Multi-Tool Can Opener

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Do you know how to use a multi-tool can opener? You know, it’s that small hooked blade on your multi-tool?

If you do, then you’ve most likely used one before. Like most things, it’s easy once you’ve done it. It’s hard and frustrating if you haven’t.

So, if you haven’t, this article is for you.

How to use multi tool can opener

How to Use a Multi-Tool Can Opener

A multi-tool is an important piece of survival equipment or addition to any bug out bag. An essential but often overlooked feature is the can opener tool. If you’ve stocked up on plenty of canned food in your survival food plan, it helps to have something to open them with.

While you could open a can with a knife blade (if you were desperate and wanted to damage the knife), it’s a lot quicker and easier to just use the proper tool.

The can opener tool is the blade with the hooked edge on the bottom (and may double as a bottle opener). Depending on your multi-tool, it may look a little different. Here are two versions:

how to open a can without a can opener

The multi-tool can opener works a bit like a lever. Remember your old science classes? With a big enough lever, you can move the world? Well, with a little multi-tool lever you can open a can.

The hook on the blade is your fulcrum (or the center of your seesaw). Place it under the outside lip of the can.

Angle the blade slightly so the pointed edge is on the inside of the top lip of the can.

multi purpose can opener

Getting it started is the hardest part (and even that’s pretty easy). Just press down on the back of the blade to keep it from slipping off the lip.

Tilt the blade down into the can lid to puncture the top of the lid.

Once you have the hole started, you’re halfway there.

how to use a can opener

Rock the blade back and forth while pressing down on the cutting edge. Turn the can slowly with your other hand as you cut. You may need to reposition the cutting edge as you go.

It’s a lot easier than it sounds. Just get a can and your multi-tool can opener and give it a try. Now that you know how to use a multi-tool can opener, you’ll be opening cans like a pro in no time at all.

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